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Hellma Analytics

Hellma Analytics is the market leader for absorption cells and optical glass and quartz components for modern analytics. For more than 90 years the Germany company has guaranteed the best quality. As an authorised dealer we offer the whole product range of Hellma Analytics, including spare parts, consumables and lab supplies and recalibration services.

Hellma Analytics

Top Products of Hellma Analytics

item no. HL100-10-40

Hellma Cells

Cells of Hellma Analytics are divided into the categories cells for absorption spectroscopy, cells for fluorescence spectroscopy and cells for special applications. All products are used in cytometry, cell analysis, particle analysis and many other application areas. Essential traits are excellent quality and reproducable results.

Cuvettes by Hellma Analytics

In general, cuvettes by Hellma Analytics are classified into two categories: absorption cuvettes and fluorescence cuvettes. Both products are applied in cytometry, cell analysis, particle analysis and many other fields and are characterized above all by their high-quality standard and reproducible results. The catalogs listed below provide extensive information on the various products.

Cleaning cuvettes with Hellmanex

For effectively cleaning cuvettes made of glass and quartz glass and other sensitive optical parts, Hellma recommends making use of the special cleaning concentrate Hellmanex III. This product even removes stubborn contaminants such as fats, oils, waxes, dried blood, protein, pigments, silicone oil as well as traces of inorganic and organic substances. Hellmanex III is available in the Analytics Shop.

Fiber Optic Systems from Hellma Analytics

Working with optical glasses has always been one of Hellma's core competences. Hellma also plays an important role in the development of fiber-optic probes. As a result of the development of fiber optic systems, spectrophotometric analysis has been extended by numerous new applications. Among other things, fiber-optic probes allow the determination of the concentration (quantitative analysis) and the color, the measurement of the turbidity and the identification (qualitative analysis). There is no need for sampling because measurements can be conducted continuously and immediately on-site. This results in numerous advantages, such as the safe measurement of toxic substances as well as time and cost savings.

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