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Since 1911 Macherey-Nagel stands for high quality, innovation and reliability in molecular biological and chemical analysis. The large portfolio consists of products in the areas filtration, rapid tests, water analysis, chromatography and bioanalysis. As an authorised dealer we are able to offer you the entire range of high quality Macherey-Nagel products at low prices.


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Macherey-Nagel HPLC Columns

Macherey-Nagel provides a large selection of products for HPLC. Besides accessories for HPLC you find more than 900 HPLC columns by Macherey-Nagel in our shop, e.g. the well-known Nucleosil, Nucleodur and Nucleoshell columns. To select the required specifications, please use our HPLC Column configurator to find the column that suits your needs.

Macherey-Nagel NUCLEODUR® high purity silica phases for HPLC

NUCLEODUR® is a fully synthetical type B silica (silica of 3rd generation) offering highly advanced physical properties:

  • totally spherical particle shape
  • outstanding surface microstructure
  • high pressure stability
  • low metal content

NUCLEODUR® as a state-of-the-art silica is the ideal base material for modern HPLC phases. It is the result of MACHEREY-NAGEL's pioneering research in chromatography for almost 50 years.

Macherey-Nagel NUCLEOSHELL® core-shell silica phases for HPLC     

  • Solid core of silicon dioxide
  • homogeneous shell of porous silica
  • Highest efficiency compared to traditional totally porous materials
  • Pore size 90 Å; particle size 2.7 µm (core 1.7 µm); specific surface 130 m2/g
  • Lower back pressure also allows use on conventional LC systems
  • Pressure stability up to 600 bar

Macherey-Nagel NUCLEOSIL® standard silica phases for HPLC

NUCLEOSIL® is a family of totally porous spherical silicas with a very pure and uniform SiO2 structure.

  • Wide acceptance as routine packings for very different fields of chromatography
  • One of the first spherical silicas used in HPLC
  • Developed in the early seventies, it became a world-renowned HPLC packing
  • Still found in many analytical and preparative applications
  • An absolutely reliable choice in HPLC
  • The largest variety of modified HPLC silicas available on the market

Macherey-Nagel GC Columns

Further we stock a large selection of GC columns by Macherey-Nagel as well as accessories and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges. More than 40 phases, polar and non polar, are available, such as the well known OPTIMA® phases by Macherey-Nagel.

Macherey-Nagel TLC Plates

High quality TLC-plates of Macherey-Nagel are used in sample separation and faciliate inexpensive, highly effective analysis. The disposable layers come along with minimal cleanup and a high throughput. We also stock numerous articles of TLC accessories such as silicia gel at analytics-shop.com.

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