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Nacalai Tesque

Nacalai Tesque is a Japanese life science reagent supplier. This company is characterized by high quality standards as well as an outstanding adherence to environmental regulations. The well-known Cosmosil HPLC columns of Nacalai Tesque are available at analytics-shop.com. Please use our HPLC Column configurator to find the column that suits your needs. The product catalogue listed below allows a broad overview over the wide product range an provides you with detailed information.

Nacalai Tesque
Nacalai Tesque

nacalai tesque COSMOSIL HPLC-columns


  • COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-II is a monomer-bound C18 phase with a new polar endcapping for better shielding of the surface resulting in extended pH stability and a significantly improved peak shape for basic compounds. It is a universal C18 phase and particularly effective for applications with low molecular organic compounds.
  • COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-II is a polymer-bound C18 phase that exhibits excellent stability and long life at low pH values. This phase is recommended for separation under acidic conditions and shows “shape selectivity" as opposed to monomer-bound C18 phases.
  • COSMOSIL 5C18-PAQ is a polar-modified C18 phase, specifically applied for the separation of polar compounds. It also shows excellent performance and reproducibility under 100% aqueous conditions.

COSMOSIL HPC-Columns – Special Selectivity

  • COSMOSIL Cholester is a reversed phase with a cholesteryl group. It exhibits a comparable hydrophobicity to traditional C18 phases, but also has enhanced stereoselectivity, especially in geometrical isomers and compounds with little structural differences.
  • COSMOSIL πNAP is a reversed phase with a naphthylethyl group that has stronger π-π interactions with unsaturated compounds than classical phenyl phases. In contrast to alkyl phases, the COSMOSIL πNAP offers a better separation of position isomers.
  • COSMOSIL PYE is a reversed phase with a 2- (1-pyrenyl) ethyl group. It shows a special retention characteristic based on several separation modes. For hydophobic and "charge transfer" interactions, this phase shows the strongest π-π interactions regarding the separation of structural isomers.
  • COSMOSIL HILIC is a special phase with a triazole group for Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC). Strongly polar compounds, which are not retained under reversed phase conditions, can be separated on this phase without any ion pair reagent. In addition, the phase shows a weak anion exchange mechanism with the positively charged stationary phase, so that even acidic compounds are well separated.
  • COSMOSIL Protein-R is a reversed phase specifically designed for the separation of proteins and peptides. The phase provides improved peak shapes through minimized tailing, higher recovery rates, and outstanding low pH stability compared to conventional Wide Pore 300Å C18 and C4 phases.
  • COSMOSIL Sugar-D is a novel phase, specifically designed for saccharide analysis. Compared to conventional aminopropyl phases, the COSMOSIL Sugar-D has an extended lifetime due to the novel "defense shield" protection, which simultaneously minimizes undesired adsorption of different saccharides.

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