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Based in Waltham, MA, PerkinElmer is one of the leading manufacturers in technology. For more than 75 years PerkinElmer has worked on innovative and powerful solutions for health and environmental sciences. At Analytics-Shop.com, our customers profit from independent and competent advice, reduced delivery costs and a large selection of high quality products.


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PerkinElmer GC columns and GC supplies

PerkinElmer manufactures high quality instruments for gas chromatography (GC). At Analytics-Shop.com you find the entire product spectrum of products for GC. Use our GC column configurator to find the wanted column within a few mouse clicks. Further a large variety of GC capillary columns from PerkinElmer is available at Analytics-Shop.com. You find further information about packed GC columns here as well as an inquiry form.

PerkinElmer HPLC columns

PerkinElmer is a major supplier of products for HPLC and has been developing and manufacturing HPLC columns for decades. The large spectrum of different columns, e.g. the well-known Brownlee columns, in various specifications responds to the individual needs of diverse applications. Find the PerkinElmer column that suits your needs best with the help of our HPLC column configurator.

PerkinElmer Spectroscopy Accessories

PerkinElmer is the world leader in solutions for atomic absorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Due to its high-class and well-tested products PerkinElmer laboratory equipment is considered the industry standard worldwide and is the first choice of laboratories all over the world. At Analytics-Shop.com we offer a large variety of PerkinElmer supplies for AAS such as graphite tubes. These high quality products guarantee reliable and reproducible results.

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