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PSS Polymer Standards Service

Polymer Standard Service (PSS) was founded more than 20 years ago in Mainz, Germany. Well-educated professionals and high standard laboratories add to PSS' success in developing innovative and easy-to-use solutions. PSS works together with clients in universities, research institutes and companies from more than 50 countries within the US and worldwide. At Analytics-Shop.com you find a large selection of high quality products of PSS.

PSS Polymer Standards Service
PSS Polymer Standards Service

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Especially in manufacturing powerful and high standard GPC/SEC columns PSS does pioneer work. These systems enable successful size exclusion chromatography and long-term reproducible results. At Analytics-Shop.com a large selection of various specifications is available to find the exact right column.

GPC/SEC columns

PSS GPC/SEC separation columns are designed to produce more robust and efficient gel materials. PSS offers a wide range of column materials optimized for applications with natural and synthetic macromolecules in aqueous or organic solvents.

Overview of column materials

Aqueous solvents:

  • MCX columns for aqueous GPC/SEC of sulfonated polymers
  • NOVEMA Max columns for aqueous GPC/SEC of polycations
  • PROTEEMA columns for the separation of proteins
  • SUPREMA columns for aqueous GPC/SEC of neutral and anionic polymers

Organic solvents:

  • GRAM columns for polar polymers in medium-polar organic solvents
  • PolarSil columns for resins and lignins (low/medium molar masses)
  • PFG columns for crystalline polymers in fluorinated organic solvents
  • POLEFIN columns for polyolefins
  • SDV columns for polymers in non-polar and medium-polar organic solvents

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