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Trajan (SGE)

SGE has been part of Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) since 2013. Trajan is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and specializes in products for the food & beverage, biotechnology and environmental testing sectors. At Analytics-Shop.com you will find a wide range of products and accessories for GC, LC and MS from Trajan. SGE GC columns, syringes, autosampler syringes and liners are still sold under the brand names SGE® GC Column, SGE® Syringes and SGE® Inlet liners.

Trajan (SGE)

Advanced GC Column Technology

SGE provides a comprehensive GC capillary column range for almost any chromatographic application, providing the best possible combination of performance, robustness, reproducibility and low bleed and inertness. Advanced Technology ensures brilliant results for each application.

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