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Shodex is part of the Showa Denko Group, one of Japan's leading manufacturers in chemistry. Analytics-Shop.com is an official dealer of Shodex products. We deliver the entire Shodex product range. Besides HPLC columns, HPLC RI Detectors & Spare Parts, HPLC conductivity detectors, HPLC degasser units and size exclusion molar mass standards are available.


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Shodex HPLC Columns

Shodex HPLC columns are available in various materials such as Asahipak, OH-Pak, OR-Pack, RS-Pak and USP-Pak. Diameter and length of columns are freely selectable as well. Please use our HPLC Column configurator to find the column you are looking for or contact us personally. The following catalogue gives you an overview of the products Shodex has to offer in HPLC. At Analytics-Shop.com we stock a selection of more than 1100 Shodex HPLC columns.

As a specialist in the field of liquid chromatography, Shodex offers polymer-based HPLC columns which can be used with different separation techniques. Polymer-based columns have the following advantages over silica-coated columns: they have a high chemical resistance at a pH range of 2 to 13, they allow sensitive measurement methods with low bleeding and allow a higher resolution through a wide range of material properties.

Furthermore, Shodex polymer-based HPLC columns suit nearly all separation techniques and are distinguished by a long service life. The Analytics Shop provides the entire offer of this manufacturer, which includes over 1100 HPLC columns. Furthermore all packing materials are available as well, such as Asahipak, OH-Pak, OR-pack, RS-Pak or USP-Pak. The diameter and length of the columns are freely selectable as usual. Use our HPLC Column Configurator to quickly and easily find the desired column or contact us personally.

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