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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Under the brand name Thermo Scientific the manufacturer offers solutions for chromatography, elemental analysis, MS and molecular spectroscopy. Thermo Scientific also develops lab data management (LIMS) and lab data software, which are used in the pharma and biotech industries, clinical and diagnostic facilities, research labs, universities and public authorities for environmental analysis. The Analytics-Shop.com carries the whole product range of Thermo Fisher Scientific, from HPLC columns to GC columns and lab supplies.


Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher Scientific HPLC Columns

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a considerable spectrum of HPLC columns for any analytical challenge. Especially packing materials as Aquasil, Accupore, Hypersil, Hypersil BDS, HYPurity are relevant. Use our HPLC Cloumn configurator to find the column you are looking for or contact our experts at Analytics Shop.

Thermo Fisher Scientific GC Columns

GC columns are essential in modern analytics. As one of the few official dealers of Thermo Fisher Scientific lab supplies, the analytics-shop.com carries more than 700 GC capillary columns. To find the exact right GC column, column diameter, column length, etc. are freely selectable


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