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VDS optilab

VDS optilab is a German HPLC column manufacturer that is well-known for its VDSpher® phase family. Since 1987 the company has developed various product lines for users who prefer an uncomplicated and rapid HPLC analysis. All VDSpher columns provide a broad selectivity spectrum, superb selectivity, very high purity of the silica gels as well as a narrow pore size distribution and particle size distribution.

All VDSpher phases are based on two different basic silica gels: VDSpher Classic and VDSpher PUR. The main difference is their purity. VDSpher PUR phases are the best choice for analytical HPLC and VDSpher Classic phases are recommended for preparative chromatography. U-VDSpher columns are ideal for UHPLC applications. The VDSpher OptiAqua phases have been specially developed for very hydrophilic applications. 

At Analytics-Shop we now offer these and all other phases of the VDSpher product family - HPLC Quality made in Germany!

VDS optilab

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