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Waters Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers for analytical laboratory instruments and software, that has pioineered in the areas of liquid chromatography (UPLC/HPLC), mass spectrometry and thermal analysis. For more than 60 years, the US-based company has developed innovative analytical science solutions to support user discoveries, operations, performance and regulatory compliance. As an official distributor for Waters products, Analytics-Shop not only offers their extensive selection of established HPLC and UPLC columns, but other HPLC accessories, ferrules, syringe filters, capillaries, hoses, valves etc. as well at a great price.


Waters HPLC Columns

Waters did pioneer work in UPLC columns. Waters columns are characterized by their high batch-to-batch reproducibility since Waters is manufacturing filling materials and column housings in its own factory. All HPLC columns are available in different configurations with different packing materials such as µBondapak, Spherisorb, Acquity, etc.

Waters CORTECS Columns

Waters CORTECS HPLC columns offer a new dimension of efficiency especially for UPLC. The special feature of the CORTECS columns by Waters is the nonporous, solid inner core, which is coated with a porous separation phase. This allows a mass transfer of large particles (> 40 μm) to be accelerated and a peak broadening to be counteracted. Separations can thus be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Waters SPE Cartridges

Sample preparation often takes much time in the work process. Therefore, high quality equipment for correctly rehashed samples is essential. At Analytics-Shop you can find all SPE cartridges made by Waters as Bondapak, Sep-Pak, Nova-Pak, etc.

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