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Since 2011 WTW has been a company of the Xylem Group. WTW focuses on sensor and analysis technology to improve the water management in the world. WTW systems range from rugged waterproof, portable field meters to an integrated line of laboratory instruments and accessories, as well as completely new multi-parameter instruments with state-of-the-art technology for laboratory and field applications.


Main Categories

WTW multi-parameter measuring instruments

The modern multiparameter measuring systems from WTW offer a convenient and cost-efficient measurement of up to 5 parameters at the same time. Multiparameter measurement is very common for field measurements and is used, for example, in pump tests, for profile measurements or for monitoring surface waters. Among WTW’s most popular products are the MultiLine® IDS systems with intelligent digital sensors for measuring up to 5 parameters simultaneously waters that are up to 100 m deep, as well as the inoLab® Multi IDS devices with one, two or three universal measuring channels.

WTW multiparameter pocket devices

The wide range of different sensors covers almost all applications and the measurement signal is transmitted in a reliable and unambiguous manner. Other modern pocket devices such as ProfiLine Multi 3320 or ProfiLine pH / Cond 3320 offer comprehensive measurement functions. Furthermore, WTW offers innovative pocket pH meters, pocket ion meters, oxygen pocket devices and conductivity pocket measuring devices.

WTW PH measuring instruments

The pH value is one of the most common variables measured in the laboratory. It describes the activity of hydrogen ions, which determines how acidic or alkaline a solution is. The pH value is of great importance for biological, chemical and biochemical processes determines specific qualities of different products. The safest and most accurate determination is via potentiometric measurement with a glass electrode. In this process, small electrical voltage changes are detected with a sensitive glass membrane as opposed to a reference electrode. Those are triggered by the hydrogen ions in the sample. The conversion of these signals in the measuring device provides the pH value. WTW is one of the leading manufacturers of professional pH meters.

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