Settlometer kit, 4pc/PAK

Settlometer kit, 4pc/PAK

Item number: NL10100507
Brand: Nalgene Thermo Scientific
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PAK (4 pc)


Ten 15-ml conical centrifuge tubes, polycarbonate, polypropylene closures, instruction booklet & data sheet. A valuable tool for waste-water treatment plant operators. Less expensive than glass. Settlometer and centrifuge tests for sludge quality are used in analyzing the activated sludge process. The 2-liter jar is lightweight, transparent, highly impact-resistant and has easy-to-read white graduations. The paddle permits agitation of sample without scratching jar. Designed to fit tabletop centrifuges up to 6000 x g, without cushions or adapters, eliminating the danger of broken glass fragments to operator or centrifuge. All kit components are chemically-resistant to “normal” sludge samples (pH range 3 to 10). Transparent/Graduated

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Brand Nalgene Thermo Scientific