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Diagnostic Bottle, HDPE, 15 ml, sterile, 896 pc/PAK

Nalgene Thermo Scientific
Item number: NL3420029050 Brand: Nalgene Thermo Scientific
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PAK (896 pc)

Save the cost of cleaning, sterilization and corresponding validations compared to reusable bottles and use the Thermo Scientific Nalgene InVitro Biotainer bottles made of PETG, which are ideal for the long-term storage of pH-sensitive liquids such as culture media etc. All Biotainer bottles are certified sterile, ready to use and gamma irradiated up to a sterility security level (SAL) of 10–6.

    li>Durable, crystal clear PETG for sample integrity
  • Closures with a polyethylene insert ensure leakproofness †
  • Individual adjustment options for liquid transfer
  • Extensive validation documents are available
  • Suitable for storage at temperatures from -40 to +70 ° C

More Information
Brand Nalgene Thermo Scientific
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sterile yes
Type Narrow neck bottle
Volume / Package size 15 ml