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Safety bottle carrier/LDPE Safety bottle carrier/LDPE

Nalgene Thermo Scientific
Item number: NL65050010 Brand: Nalgene Thermo Scientific
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Safety Half-Liter Bottle Carrier, yellow LLDPE Easily and safely holds up to six standard half-liter reagent bottles in any profile. Also useful for carrying most other half-liter glass or plastic bottles. Bottles are held securely, reduces possibility they may bump into each other, crack or chip. Has a sturdy, wide handle molded in one piece with the base, which allows a comfortable grip, even when carrier is full. Snug-fitting cover latches securely to base. Carriers may be stacked. . dimensions L x W x H: (nom.) 349 x 248 x 276 mm

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Brand Nalgene Thermo Scientific
Type Shipment/Safety Container