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Contract Required Detection Limits Standard, Matrix per Volume 5% HNO3 per 100 mL, 125 mL

Item number: PEN9300225 Brand: PerkinElmer
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PAK (125 ml)

Multi-Element Standard for ICP-MS Instrument Calibration. Every PerkinElmer standard is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.

Concentration of Element includes: Matrix Concentration 5%, HNO3/ trace Tartaric Acid/trace HF 120 µg/mL: Sb 100 µg/mL: Co, V 80 µg/mL: Ni 50 µg/mL: Cu 40 µg/mL: Zn 30 µg/mL: Mn 20 µg/mL: Ag, As, Cr, Tl 10 µg/mL: Be, Cd, Se 6 µg/mL: Pb

More Information
Brand PerkinElmer
explosive precursor No
GHS classification Danger
Hazard Statements H314
Hazard Symbols GHS05
precautionary statements P260, P264, P280, P301, P303, P304, P305, P310a, P321, P330, P331, P338, P340, P351, P353, P361, P363, P405, P501a
Volume / Package size 125 ml