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Deactivated Tubing Hydroguard Deactivation 30m, 0.25mm

Deactivated Tubing Hydroguard Deactivation 30m, 0.25mm

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Deactivated Tubing Hydroguard Deactivation 30m, 0.25mm

Manufacturer: Restek
item no.: RE10085

PAK (1 pc)


Hydroguard® Water-Resistant Guard/Retention Gap Columns/Transfer Lines (,fused silica),

  • Extend analytical column lifetime by preventing degradation from harsh “,steam-cleaning”,water injections.
  • Tested with a comprehensive test mix, to ensure high inertness.
  • Maximum temperature: 325 °C.

hen transfer lines from purge-and-trap systems, air monitoring equipment, or other instruments carry condensed water vapor, deactivated column tubing quickly becomes active because of the creation of free silanol groups. These silanol groups adsorb active oxygenated compounds, such as alcohols and diols. Restek chemists have addressed this concern and found a solution—Hydroguard® deactivated tubing. A unique deactivation chemistry creates a high-density surface that is not readily attacked by aggressive hydrolysis. The high-density surface coverage of the Hydroguard® deactivation layer effectively prevents water vapor from reaching the surface beneath. Use Hydroguard® tubing for connecting GCs to:.

  • Headspace analyzers.
  • Air analysis equipment and concentrator units.
  • Purge-and-trap systems

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Manufacturer Restek

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