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The QuEChERS Method in Sample Preparation

Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe - this is what the new method in sample preparation stands for. Developed in 2002, the QuEChERS method has been readily accepted by many pesticide residue analysts. Initially, the methodology was developed for the analysis of veterinary drugs (anthelmintics and thyreostats) in animal tissues but after realizing its great potential in the extraction of polar and particularly basic compounds it was also tested on pesticide residue analysis in plant material with great success. Today, QuEChERS is used in modern laboratories all over the world. Lab efficiency is improved not only with respect to labor reduction and consumable savings but also in terms of higher sample throughput and reduced waste generation and space requirements. If you have any questions on QuEChERS or the products you can find here, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    QuEChERS dSPE EMR-Lipid

    sku: AG5982-1010
  2. Macherey-Nagel

    Chromab. QuEChERS Mix I (6.5 g)

    sku: MN730970
  3. Macherey-Nagel

    Chromab. QuEChERS Mix II (7.5 g)

    sku: MN730971
  4. Macherey-Nagel

    Chromab. QuEChERS Mix III (1.05 g)

    sku: MN730972
  5. Macherey-Nagel

    Chromab. QuEChERS Mix IV (1.065 g)

    sku: MN730973
  6. Macherey-Nagel

    Chromab. QuEChERS Mix VI (1.2 g)

    sku: MN730974
  7. Macherey-Nagel

    Chromab. QuEChERS Mix V (1.095 g)

    sku: MN730975
  8. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    2mL Cent. tube w/150mg MgSO4, 50mg PSA & 50mg Carbon, 100/PAK

    sku: TF60105-202
  9. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    2mL Cent. tube w/150mg Anhydrous MgSO4, 50mg PSA, 100/PAK

    sku: TF60105-203
  10. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    2mL Centrifuge tube w/150mg MgSO4, 50mg PSA & 50mg C18, 100/PAK

    sku: TF60105-204
  11. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    15mL Cent. Tube w/900mg MgSO4, 300mg PSA & 150mg Carbon, 50/PAK

    sku: TF60105-205
  12. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    15mL Centrifuge Tube with 900mg MgSO4, 150mg PSA, 15mg GCB 50/PAK

    sku: TF60105-218
  13. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    15CT w/900MgSO4 +150PSA pk10

    sku: TF60105-315
  14. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    15CT w/900MgSO4 +150PSA+45GCB, pk10

    sku: TF60105-317
  15. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    2ml CT 150 MgSO4, 25 PSA pk10

    sku: TF60105-319
  16. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    2ml CT 150 MgSO4, 25 PSA, 25 C18 pk10

    sku: TF60105-320
  17. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    2ml CT150 MgSO4 25 PSA 7.5 GCB pk10

    sku: TF60105-322
  18. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    15CT w/900MgSO4 +150PSA+150C18, pk10

    sku: TF60105-327
  19. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    50mL PP Cent tubes w/6g MgSO4, 1.5g Sodium Acetate, 250/PAK

    sku: TF60105-210
  20. Agilent Technologies

    Quechers QC solution AOAC mtd 1 ml

    sku: AG5190-0503
  21. Agilent Technologies

    QuEChERS Extract Tubes for Vet Drugs

    sku: AG5982-0032
  22. Agilent Technologies

    Dispersive 15ml ,pigmented,AOAC, w/ CH

    sku: AG5982-5258CH
  23. Agilent Technologies

    Original QuEChERS Extract Tube 10g w/CH

    sku: AG5982-5550CH
  24. Agilent Technologies

    QuEChERS Extraction Packets, EN Method

    sku: AG5982-7650
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Advantages of the QuEChERS procedure

The QuEChERS procedure entails a number of simple analytical steps and is thus fast and easy to perform and little susceptible to errors. QuEChERS provides high recoveries for a very broad scope of pesticides belonging to various chemical classes and the final extract, being solved in acetonitrile, gives full flexibility in the choice of the determinative analysis technique. Direct connection with liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC) is possible.