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Validation tools are essential in dissolution testing in order to control the many variables that may affect the consistency and reliability of the test results. There are some key variables such as specification (shaft wobble and verticality, basket wobble, temperature. etc.), ASTM (strict regulations concerning verticality, temperature, vibration, position) and the USP (again, regulations - but not as strict).

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Calibration & Validation Tools

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  1. QLA

    Vessel Centering Gauge, Multi-Instrument

    sku: QLCNTGAG-MI
  2. QLA

    25mm Ball Style Depth Set Tool

    sku: QLDEPSET-MI
  3. QLA

    Optical Tachometer, Multi-Instrument

    sku: QLTACHOM-UN
  4. QLA

    Wobble Meter, Multi-Instrument

    sku: QLWOBMET-MI
  5. QLA

    25mm Calibrated Ball, Multi-Instrument

    sku: QLASTMBALL-25
  6. QLA

    25mm Depth Set Tool, Black Acrylic

    sku: QLDEPSET-25
  7. QLA

    Wobble Meter for Hanson Vision

  8. QLA

    10mm OD Shaft for CNTGAG-MI

  9. QLA

    DDAPT Arm inchBinch replacement part

    sku: QL970-02-01
  10. QLA

    DDAPT Arm inchAinch replacement part

    sku: QL970-02-02
  11. QLA

    Sotax Adapter for use with CNTGAG-MI

    sku: QLADPTR-ST
  12. QLA

    45mm Ball Style Depth Set Tool

    sku: QLDEPSET-45
  13. QLA

    45mm Depth Set Tool, Black Acrylic

    sku: QLDEPSET-45A
  14. QLA

    Depth Set Tool for PEAK vessels

    sku: QLDEPSET-PK
  15. QLA

    Go/No Go 25mm Depth Gauge

    sku: QLGNGDEP
  16. QLA

    Validation Kit, Hanson

  17. QLA

    DDAPT Replacement Arm for 2L

    sku: QL970-02-04
  18. QLA

    DDAPT Replacement Arm for 45mm

    sku: QL970-02-10
  19. ProSense

    Vessel Centering Gauge, Multi-Instrument USA

  20. ProSense

    Vessel Centering Gauge, Multi-Instrument EU

  21. ProSense

    Paddle Height Spacer, Hanson SR6/SR8

  22. ProSense

    Paddle Height Spacer, Agilent

  23. ProSense

    Sieve Cylinder, Sotax, 10 pc/PAK

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Key Variables

It is crucial to ensure that the dissolution bath is working as planned and giving precise and reproducible results. Hence it is very important that the bath meets the USP or ASTM regulations. The ASTM variables are stricter as they only on the physical measurement whereas the USP also requires a test using calibrator tablets.

Shaft wobble and basket wobble as well as vibration add to the key variables of controlling hardware variables. Other key variables on terms of hardware control are the rotation, vessel verticality and centering as well as the height of the paddle or basket.

To measure the stability of the paddle or basekt, it is mandatory to use a wobble meter. The wobble meter displays the deviation from the vertical when the shaft is rotated at a slow speed. It uses a special vessel cover that fits inside the top of the vessel. The gauge is attached firmly onto the cover and then places against the shaft or basket - said gauge functions with every dissolution bath where the vessel is accessible during the application.

The vibration meter allows you to quickly assess vibration levels and ensure that low levels are maintained when new equipment is introduced into the lab. Even though it uses digital electronics, it has an analogue needle display, which aids in getting a better feel for the nature of the vibrations - that's why a digital display would not be a good choice here. The vibration meter uses an accelerometer probe which is calibrated to the meter as a matched set. The end of the probe has a custom mounting block compatible with most dissolution instruments.

Further tools to control shaft verticality and vessel verticality, vessel centering, paddle/basket height, rotation and temperature are available also in kits. If you have any problems selecting a proper product or kit, feel free to contact us! Our expert team will be happy to advise you.