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Selecting reliable and compliant accessories is essential to achieve reproducibility and consistency from test to test and can actually improve your results with only minor changes. At Analytics-Shop.com you find tablet dissolution test accessories that are fully USP compliant. At Analytics-Shop we stock spin shaft accessories, accessories for biodissolution and glass accessories by the manufacturers QLA and ProSense. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Dissolution Accessories

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  1. QLA

    1000mL Amber Glass Vessel for Erweka

    sku: QLGLA900-AEW
  2. QLA

    3 Prong Capsule Sinker, Plastic

    sku: QLCAPWHT-VK
  3. QLA

    Kynar Clip for APPFIVE-HR

  4. QLA

    Watch Glass Only for APPFIVE-HR

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Spin Shaft Accessories

Available for Apparatus 1 & 2, the spin on/ spin off shafts offer a quick and easy change between paddle and basket methods without the need to readjust the shaft height. They can be used in any VanKel dissolution apparatus and some of the Distek 2100 and 2500 series.

As for proper usage, it is not necessary to remove the shaft when changing the apparatus as well as there is no need to reset the shaft height or the locking mechanism. The Spin On/Off shafts are manufactured to minimise the risk of cross-threading and guarantee a secure connection.

Concerning care and maintenance, there are similar storage regulations as there are for baskets or calibration tools - do not store the shafts on a desk or put them loosely in a drawer. By doing that, occuring damage such as bending or scratches can not be prevented.

Other Accessories

Furthermore there are various accessories for biodissolution and glassware. Under the category glass accessories you can find:

  • volumetric flasks from 500ml to 1000ml
  • cylinders such as 10ml tap density or 100ml to 250ml funnel top cylinders
  • rotating bottle apparatus
  • misc glass accessories such as 100ml to 300ml glass fleaker or 50ml tubes

As for biodissolution we offer the following products:

  • caps & covers such as evaporation covers and lower & upper caps for glass vessels
  • vessels & sampling tubes for the outer vessel and inner sampling tube