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In dissolution tests filters are essential to prevent particles of tablets from getting into the sample and thus affecting the spectrophotometer of HPLC results. The filters are designed to not adsorb any compounds of interest and are guaranteed chromium and heavy metal free to avoid interference with your analysis. Various filter types such as Cannula Filters, Filter Discs and Filter Tips are available.

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Filters for Tablet Dissolution

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  1. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Agilent, 100 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-01-100
  2. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Agilent, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-01-1000
  3. ProSense

    Filter Disks, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Distek, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-DK-1000
  4. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Electrolab, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-EL-1000
  5. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Full Flow, 100 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-FF-100
  6. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Full Flow, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-FF-1000
  7. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Hanson, 100 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-HR-100
  8. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Hanson, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-HR-1000
  9. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Pharmatest, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-PT-1000
  10. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Sotax, 100 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-ST-100
  11. ProSense

    Cannula Filter, UHMW PE, 45 µm, Sotax, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFIL045-ST-1000
  12. ProSense

    Filter Tips, 45 µm, Agilent, 1000 pc/PAK

    sku: PRPSFILTIP-45
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QLA high-quality filters for Dissolution

Manufactured from Pure Quality material, QLA filters are fabricated in special moulds in clean-room conditions to ensure the best manufacturing practices. Samples from each batch are then tested for dimensional accuracy and then further tested for heavy metal content, inorganic interference and other possible contaminants.

Genuine QLA filters are guaranteed suitable for dissolution testing and CERTIFIED to be compliant with USP standards. So you can be certain that every batch of every filter will be consistent and the same as every other batch.

Cannula Filters

Cannula Filters are used when high levels of particulate are present. They generally have a large surface area and may affect the hydrodynamics in the vessel. However they have a good flow rate and may be used to prevent particulates blocking the sample probes. A large porosity range is available. There are some points to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right cannula:

  • Sampling Position: the correct position of the sampling is particularly important for tests with baskets as there can be a concentration profile between the stirring element and the bottom of the test vessel. There are different positions depending on wheter a test with 500ml or 900ml is performed.
  • Cannula Length: considering the test volume, there are various lengths of the cannulae. A cannula with 120mm is used for 900ml, 197mm is used for 500ml and other lengths are normally used for "through the head sampling" whereby the cannula passes through the drive head of the dissolution bath.
  • Cannula Material: the cannulae are usually made of stainless steel or PEEK - that way they don't adsorb or interfere with the active ingredient.
  • Stoppers: the cannulae can be used with stoppers during the manual sampling to guarantee that the sample is taken from the same depth each time. Stoppers are connected to the cannulae and remain in a hole in the vessel cover. If these are to be used then it is crucial to ensure that the stopper and cannula match the vessel cover type.

Filter Discs

Filter Discs have a lower surface area than a cannula filter. In-Line Filter Discs (or filter frit) are recommended for use of low volume sample probes. These filter discs are designed to keep the filtration process outside the vessel but may suffer from blocking due to the lower surface area. To avoid blocking, go for the Hi-Cap cannula which uses standard cannula filters outside the vessel.

Filter Tips

Filter Tips are smaller than cannula filters. They fit on the end of larger diameter sample probes.

USP 232: Heavy Metals and Dissoulution

On 27th December 2013 the USP general chapter 232 was approved and becomes a requirement, with enforcement in 2015. Under this chapter, there is a requirement to show that pharmaceutical companies demonstrate that their compounds comply with strict limits for heavy metal and elemental levels determined by the USP. Previous testing for these is acknowledged to have been poor and this change is aimed to correct that anomaly.

In order to demonstrate that, it is necessary that no part of the dissolution system contributes any heavy metals into the system, and in particular the dissolution filters through which samples are taken.

From June1st 2013 all QLA dissolution filters are tested by ICP-MS and certified to be heavy metal free and therefore suitable for dissolution testing. To further re-enforce the quality of their filters, QLA are introducing their ‘Pure Quality’ label, and all filters labelled as such are traceable not to contain heavy metals. That coupled with their ISO9001 certification awarded by BSI ensure that QLA product remain at the highest quality level possible.