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Closures are the already assembled combination of the cap and sealing disc. In order to carry out a correct analysis, it is important that the seal is also inert and uncontaminated, in addition to the sample bottle. Various closures, such as snap ring, roller edge, flanging or screw caps, are available for the sample bottles. In addition to the suitability of sample bottle and closure for the used autosampler, the personal preferences in handling are also decisive. Can the flanging or screwing of the vials be better integrated into the working process? Should the closed bottle be opened quickly and easily?


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Caps and Seals

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  1. Waters

    Cap,Blk poly,bnd prsl PTFE/sil spta 100/

    sku: WT186000842
  2. Altmann Analytik

    ND13 PP Screw Cap, white, closed, 10x100/pac

    sku: AAV24191563
  3. Waters

    Cert 12x32 TRV w/PE Septa-less cap 100pk

    sku: WT186004167C
  4. Vici Jour

    Plug, PP, 1/4 -28, 10/pkg

    sku: JR-072350-10
  5. Altmann Analytik

    ND8 Silcone cream/PTFE red UltraClean, black, 10 x 100 pc

    sku: AAV19261538
  6. Altmann Analytik

    ND20 Al crimp seal, septa 3,0mm 10x100/pac, 10 x 100 pc

    sku: AAV31141170
  7. Altmann Analytik

    ND24 PP screw cap, 2,5mm 10x100/pac, 10 x 100 pc

    sku: AAV35262506
  8. Waters

    Green Poly. Scr. Cap w/bnded PTFE/Sil

    sku: WT186002130
  9. Waters


    sku: WTPSL404219
  10. Altmann Analytik

    ND20 Butyl injectionstoper, grey 1000/pac

    sku: AAV31211401
  11. Waters


    sku: WT186000328
  12. Waters

    Snap Cap Black 12x32 w/PTFE/Sil Septa

    sku: WT186002649
  13. Altmann Analytik

    24mm PP Screw Cap, white, centre hole, 10x100/pac

    sku: AAV35191514
  14. Agilent Technologies

    Cap, for storage vials, 15-425, closed top, PTFE/silicone septa

    sku: AG5183-4302
  15. Altmann Analytik

    ND8 Silcone white/PTFE red UltraClean, black, 10x100/pac

    sku: AAV19261404
  16. Altmann Analytik

    ND20 Al crimp seal, blank roll., 1000/pac

    sku: AAV31121519
  17. Waters

    Red Scr. Cap Pre-slt 9mm w/bnded PTFE

    sku: WT186002128
  18. Waters

    Lt Bl Cap12x32 CV Vials w PSlt PTFE Sil

    sku: WT186005829
  19. Waters


    sku: WTWAT058959
  20. Altmann Analytik

    UltraClean Closure: 20mm Aluminum Cap, plain

    sku: AAV31142902
  21. Waters

    Snap Cap 12x32 w/pre-slit PTFE/Sil.Septa

    sku: WT186000304
  22. Agilent Technologies

    Hdspc Al sfty crmp cap,Tef/Si, 20 mm, 100PK

    sku: AG5183-4478
  23. Duran Group

    Screw cap GLS 45, 3 port GL 14, 2 pc/PAK

    sku: DU1129751
  24. Altmann Analytik

    10mm PP screw cap, white,1,3mm 1000/pac

    sku: AAV21264420
  25. Waters

    Snap Cap Red 12x32 w/PS PTFE/Sil Septa

    sku: WT186002647
  26. Waters


    sku: WTWAT094174
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Choice of the appropriate closure depending on the type of bottle

Depending on the type of bottle used, the appropriate closure must be selected:

  • Screw caps: Open (for use with various septa) or closed (for sample storage)
  • Short thread caps: Open (for septa use) or closed (for sample storage)
  • UltraBond screw caps: For ND9 and ND24; The caps and septums are inextricably linked.
  • Flanging caps: With the septum ready assembled
  • Headspace caps: Safety caps for headspace analyzes with a predetermined breaking line, in order to avoid bursting of the bottle if the internal pressure is too high.
  • Snap-on caps: Hard or soft polyethylene; Only open (for use of septa)
  • The short thread and crimp caps are also available in magnetic design for the respective car samplers (e.g., CTC).