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Analytics-Shop offers a wide product range of vials, caps and accessories. Whether your needs include chromatography, sample storage, cryo-preservation or scintillation, we have options for you. You can find almost any vial you need for all your laboratory requirements and applications for the right product in our shop. We carry vials by the top brands such as Agilent Technologies, Supelco, Thermo Fisher Scientific and our own qualtiy brand Altmann.

- Vial type: Crimp, Screw cap fine, Screw cap micro, head space, short thread, snap cap
- Vial material: amber glass, clear glass, PP, TPX
- Diameters: 11mm - 33mm, ND8 - ND24
- Vials height: 30mm - 140mm
- Vials volume: 0,1ml - 100ml

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  1. Altmann Analytik

    ND15 12ml thread vial, 66x18,5mm, 10 x 100 pc

    sku: AAV26202911
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Vial bottoms and caps

The handling of the processed samples also belongs to the sample preparation. For this purpose, the samples are transferred into suitable sample vials with closure, from which the sample is directly applied and subsequently injected for analysis. After sample processing, the sample solution is transferred into a suitable sample vessel and sealed to prevent evaporation of the sample until the injection time. For an optimal analysis, it is also necessary to take into account the quality of the sample bottles and septa of the closures.

In our range, you will find vials with the following closures: headspace edge (chamfered edge), DIN roll edge (flat edge), special roll edge for SPME vials (thicker roll edge), snap ring, melted edge (flat bottom glass), short thread ND9, fine thread ND18 for headspace and SPME, snap lid edge (sample storage vessel, no autosampler bottle).

When designing the vial bottom you can choose between the following bottoms: flat bottom, rounded bottom (HS bottom), round bottom, conical bottom, solid glass bottom and a microliter bottle with inner cone.

In the following excerpt from our current catalog you will find an overview of the most important vial types listed above:


You can also find a selection of sample vials with different bottoms designs in our Analytics-Shop. An overview of the most important types is shown below:

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