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ICP stands for Inductively Coupled Plasma and is used in combination with atomic emission spectroscopy (AES) to measure the type and concentration of elements in gases, liquids and solids. The accuracy of this method is very high and therefore well suited for the analysis of trace elements, which are mostly found in very low concentrations. Another advantage of this method is the simultaneous determination of many different elements in a rather short time. Another method for elemental analysis is ICP-MS (mass spectrometry). The biggest difference to the above mentioned method is that the method of detection is not optical but based on a characteristic mass of the ions of the elements.

At Analytics-Shop we offer a wide range of spare parts, especially for instruments by Agilent (e.g. 7700 series, SPS 4 Autosampler) and PerkinElmer (OPTIMA® series, NexION® series) for both ICP-AES and ICP-MS. Simplify your search and use the filters on the left. If you have any questions about the products, please contact our customer service.

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ICP replacement parts

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Y Connector ,ISIS

    sku: AGG3138-65143
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Praeopt. Ers.-Fen. ax, 5100 ICP 1St.

    sku: AGG8010-68014
  3. Agilent Technologies

    Torch, low-flow quartz, inlet tbg, axial

    sku: AG2010090400
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Ni skimmer cone for 7900 ICP-MS

    sku: AGG8400-67200
  5. PerkinElmer

    Replacement Disposable Desiccant Pack, 2/PAK

    sku: PEN0171159
  6. Agilent Technologies

    MicroMist Nebulizer

    sku: AGG3266-65003
  7. Agilent Technologies

    Ni Sampling cone for 7700

    sku: AGG3280-67040
  8. Agilent Technologies

    Ni Skimmer for 7700x

    sku: AGG3280-67041
  9. Agilent Technologies

    Spray chamber (Quartz)

    sku: AGG3280-80008
  10. Agilent Technologies

    Nebulizer(needle SST316 replacement) kit

    sku: AGG1958-60137
  11. Agilent Technologies

    ICP-MS Stock Tuning Solution (100ml)

    sku: AG5188-6564
  12. Agilent Technologies

    Praeopt. Ers.-Fen. rad, 5100 ICP 1St.

    sku: AGG8010-68015
  13. Agilent Technologies

    Tuning Solution for ICP-MS 7500cs

    sku: AG5185-5959
  14. PerkinElmer

    Quartz Injector, Inner Diameter 1.2mm

    sku: PEN0681631
  15. PerkinElmer

    Quartz Bonnet for Optima 3X00 Series Radial

    sku: PEN0695295
  16. PerkinElmer

    Quartz Bonnet for Optima 3X00 Series Radial

    sku: PEN0695456
  17. PerkinElmer

    Scott Spray Chamber for Avio

    sku: PEN0790384
  18. PerkinElmer

    Torch Injector Nut for NexION 2000

    sku: PEN8152451
  19. PerkinElmer

    Torch Cassette Piece (Orange) for NexION 2000

    sku: PEN8152435
  20. PerkinElmer

    Torch Cassette Piece (Green) for NexION 2000

    sku: PEN8152431
  21. PerkinElmer

    Torch Injector Nut Removal Tool for NexION 2000.

    sku: PEN8152443
  22. PerkinElmer

    Adjustable Torch O-Ring Kit for Avio 200

    sku: PEN0790437
  23. PerkinElmer

    Organics Sample Introduction Kit for NexION 2000

    sku: PEN8150031
  24. PerkinElmer

    One Piece Quartz Torch

    sku: PEN8152699
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