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Glass Vacuum Filtration Holder for 47/50 mm Membrane Filter, 1 L Bottle

Glass Vacuum Filtration Holder for 47/50 mm Membrane Filter, 1 L Bottle

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Glass Vacuum Filtration Holder for 47/50 mm Membrane Filter, 1 L Bottle

Manufacturer: Sartorius
item no.: ST16309

PAK (1 pc)


All-Glass Vacuum Filter Holder 1 l | 50 / 47 mm diameter Vacuum only | 47 / 50 mm Volume: 1 l Membrane: 50 / 47 mm diameter Max. operating pressure: Vacuum only Diameter: 47 / 50 mm Number of Filter Holders or Stations: 1 All-glass Holder for particle removal from solvents for analytical determinations. All areas, where liquid and device can get directly in contact, are made of glass or PTFE. The device, in combination with solvent-resistant, hydrophilic RC-membranes (type 184), is therefore ideal for ultracleaning and degassing solvents and solvent mixtures for HPLC, GC and AA. Convinience of handling is ensured by several beneficial features. A 6 mm wide non-ground rim above the ground glass neck of the suction flask prevents the filtrate from contacting grease on the ground glass surface and so avoids it becoming contaminated while being poured out of flask. The hose nipple connector is made of polypropylene for safe connection of vacuum hose. The filtrate outlet spout ends well below the entrance to this hose nipple. Parts and materials: Borosilicate glass funnel, base and flask Filter support: PTFE ring holding a glass frit, with Viton O-ring (45 x 3 mm). Anodized aluminium clamp. Chemical compatibility: As for glass and PTFE With 0,2 µm membrane filter: 200 ml/min With 0,45 µm membrane filter: 600 ml/min With 0,8 µm membrane filter: 2.2 l/min Funnel capacity: 250 ml Capacity: 1 l Suitable membrane filter diameter: 47 / 50 mm Sterilisation: By autoclaving (121 °C or 134 °C) or by dry heat (max. 180 °C) Filtration area: 12,5 cm² Operating pressure max.: Vacuum only Pack size: 1 pc.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sartorius
category Filtration Instruments
volume / package size 250 ml
VGKL Number 101666309
HS code 84212920