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Biosart 250 Funnel, 250 ml, 47mm, sterile packed in a bag, 50 pc/PAK

Biosart 250 Funnel, 250 ml, 47mm, sterile packed in a bag, 50 pc/PAK

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Biosart 250 Funnel, 250 ml, 47mm, sterile packed in a bag, 50 pc/PAK

Manufacturer: Sartorius
item no.: ST16407-25-ALK

PAK (50 pc)


The main application of Biosart 250 Funnels is the microbiological analysis of relatively large sample volumes with a low number of microorganisms, with membrane filtration being an important step Biosart 250 Funnel has been specially developed for microbiological and analytical quality assurance in the industry 250 are sterile plastic funnels for rapid filtration in the routine testing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, beverages and food, water and other liquids A Sartorius grid membrane is placed on a stainless steel filter support The Biosart 250 Funnel is attached to the filter support via bayonet closure and The sample can be filtered.The funnel is made of polypropylene, an elastic material, and can be autoclaved up to 50 times to be reused Graduations at 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 ml facilitate accurate sample volume addition large inside diameter allows a high flow and the conical inlet of the inner wall a perfect rinsing of the system. There is no sample left on the funnel. Biosart 250 Funnels ensure low filtration and performance times in routine examinations. High total pass High flow Sterile or individually sterile packed No risk of secondary contamination No handling with hot funnels The entire filtration process is visible Ready to connect and easy to handle Minimal equipment required Autoclavable in limited cycles

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sartorius
volume / package size 250 ml
sterile yes
VGKL Number 267141725