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Syringe Filter Minisart RC25, 25 mm, 0.45µm, non-sterile, 500 pc/PAK

Syringe Filter Minisart RC25, 25 mm, 0.45µm, non-sterile, 500 pc/PAK

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Syringe Filter Minisart RC25, 25 mm, 0.45µm, non-sterile, 500 pc/PAK

Manufacturer: Sartorius
item no.: ST17765-Q

PAK (500 pc)


Minisart RC25 Syringe Filters Non-sterile, bulk packed | Syringe filt 25 mm | Hydrophilic Packaging: Non-sterile, bulk packed Type: Syringe filter with male Luer Slip Diameter: 25 mm Reaction to water: Hydrophilic Pore size: 0,45 µm Pack size: 500 Membrane material: Regenerated cellulose (RC) Housing material: Polypropylene (PP) Glass fibre prefilter: No Minisart RC syringe filters with hydrophilic, solvent-resistant regenerated cellulose (RC) membranes. The filter units are ready-to-use and allow for simple, rapid and reliable ultracleaning of small-volume samples for the HPLC or GC analysis. Minisart RC syringe filters outperform competitive hydrophilic units in terms of compatibility with aqueous solutions and solvent mixtures and ensure rapid small volume particle removal filtration with maximum user convinience. The units can be fitted on standard syringes. Hold-up volume: 0,15 ml Max. temperature: 121 °C/30 min Flow rate for methanol: 325 ml/min Flow rate for hexane: 430 ml/min Pack size: 500 pc. Filtration area: 4,8 cm² Connectors Inlet: Female luer lock Connectors Outlet: Male luer slip Filter diameter: 25 mm Colour: Opaque Maximum Pressure: 4,5 bar Sterilisation: No additional sterilisation

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sartorius
category Syringe filter
type Syringe Filter
pore size 0.45 µm
grade Minisart
diameter 25 mm
sterile no
material Regenerated cellulose (RC)

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