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HPLC Column MAbPac SCX-10, 10µm, 250 x 9 mm

HPLC Column MAbPac SCX-10, 10µm, 250 x 9 mm

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Thermo Fisher

HPLC Column MAbPac SCX-10, 10µm, 250 x 9 mm

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replaces TFSP6866
Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
item no.: TF088784

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Use Thermo Scientific ™ MAbPac ™ SCX-10 LC columns for high-resolution, highly efficient analysis of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and associated variants. The unique, non-porous, pellicular resin provides the resolving power for separating MAb variants differing only by a charged residue. A hydrophilic layer surrounds the polymer beads and eliminates hydrophobic interactions with the resin, thereby achieving very efficient peaks. A proprietary grafted cation exchange surface ensures pH selectivity control for high resolution separations.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific
particle size 10.0 µm
inner diameter 9 mm
length 250 mm
packing Cation Exchange
column description MAbPac
category Thermo Fisher HPLC columns

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