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Accucore VanquishC18+ 1.5µm, 100x2.1mm

Accucore VanquishC18+ 1.5µm, 100x2.1mm

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Thermo Fisher

Accucore VanquishC18+ 1.5µm, 100x2.1mm

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
item no.: TF27101-102130

PAK (1 pc)


Accucore VanquishC18+ 1.5µm, 100x2.1mm, Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Column Description: Accucore C18 (RP18, ODS, Octadecyl), Particle Size: 1.5 µm, Inner Diameter: 2.1mm, Length: 150mm, Category: UHPLC

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific
column description Accucore
packing C18 (RP18, ODS, Octadecyl)
modus Reversed Phase (RP)
category HPLC Columns
length 150 mm
inner diameter 2.1 mm
particle size 1.5 µm

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