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HPLC Column VDSpher MS 100 CN-DE, 4 µm, 4 x 30 mm

HPLC Column VDSpher MS 100 CN-DE, 4 µm, 4 x 30 mm

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VDS optilab

HPLC Column VDSpher MS 100 CN-DE, 4 µm, 4 x 30 mm

Manufacturer: VDS
item no.: VDVME20BI040030

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Any VDSpher column can be used for LC/MS. Because mass spectrometry, as a sensitive detection method, is able to display even very low levels of contamination, e.g. due to carry-over effects from previous runs, VDSpher MS phases are specially selected to avoid this effect.
A total of ten different modifications are available.
The C18 phases enable a wide range of hydrophilic (C18-H, C18-LC-H) and hydrophobic (C18-DE, C18-B-DE) applications.
The non-capped phase C18-B is of medium hydrophobicity.
There are also hydrophobic VDSpher MS phases with C8, C4, phenyl and CN modifications.
The pore diameter of all VDSpher MS phases is 100 Å.

Additional Information

Manufacturer VDS
column description VDSpher MS
packing (CN) Cyano
modus Normal Phase (NP)
category HPLC Columns
length 30 mm
inner diameter 4 mm
particle size 4.0 µm
pore size 100 Å
pH range 2 - 9
USP number L10
endcapping yes
carbon load 7_2_

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