Vacuum-desiccator/PC, transparent

Vacuum-desiccator/PC, transparent

Item number: NL53110250
Brand: Nalgene Thermo Scientific
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Transparent, lightweight and unbreakable. For vacuum and non-vacuum applications. Safe and economical alternative to glass. Will not shatter or implode at full vacuum when used according to instructions included with product. Holds a vacuum of 28 in. Hg (711 mm) for 24 hours. For room temperature use only. Silicone O-ring assures an airtight seal, no need to use grease. Accepts 0.26 to 0.36 I.D. vacuum tubing. TPE caps seal side-arms for non-vacuum use. Takes any standard 230-mm desiccator plate, such as Cat. No. 5312- 0230. Desiccator plate not included. Transparent CAUTION! Do not autoclave. Do not expose polycarbonate to organic solvents or their vapors.

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Brand Nalgene Thermo Scientific