Founded in 1996, the company QLA - Qualitiy Lab Accessories has specialized in tablet dissolution equipment and consumables. Due to decades of experience the QLA provides high quality dissolution consumables for Erweka, Vankel, Distek and more. The products are manufactured of high quality according to USP. In the Analytics-Shop you can find more than 1000 QLA products.

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Tablet dissolution by QLA

All products are manufactured according to ISO9001 and USP quality standards and offered in different sizes and conditions.

Sampling Cannula

Sampling Cannula are used to take samples from the dissolution test. The choice of the correct cannula is very important, because otherwise it can lead to impairments and erroneous results. Important considerations are in this context the sampling position, the cannula length and possible stoppers. The material consists of stainless steel or PEEK. Selecting the best sampling cannula is not always straightforward. Because of that, our competent team will available for any questions.


In obtaining correct and reproducible results, good vessels for tablet dissolution are absolutely necessary. 


Dissolution baskets should be perfectly round and not deformed. Furthermore, the correct mesh size may be relevant and important. The baskets are made with a unique fabrication process and have a long lifetime.

Dissolution filters

These filters are especially used when samples are taken. These should prevent, that particles of tablets are getting into the sample and affecting the spectrophotometer or HPLC results. You can choose between the following dissolution filters: Cannula filters, filter discs and filter tips. We offer a large number of different sizes.