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Certified Vials Unassembled 2mL Clear Vial w/Marking Spot and Bonded PTFE/Silicone Septa, 100/PAK

Item number: RE22792 Brand: Restek
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PAK (100 pc)
Certified 2.0 mL Screw-Thread Vials: Certificates enclosed with each kit.Vials of clear or amber borosilicate glass with ID marking spots.Closures with pre-inserted septa.Each kit sealed for integrity.Certification Parameters Include:Vial Dimensions: Height, diameter, bottom thickness, neck length, thread profile, and annealingCap/Septum: Diameter, height, thread integrity, center flash, septa insertion, sealing/resealing test, residue by headspace GC, and extractablesChemical Test: LC Test: nonvolatile residueGC Test: volatile residue

More Information
Brand Restek
Bottle diameter 12 mm
Material Clear Glass
Type Screw Top Vial
Volume / Package size 2 ml