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Selecting the Appropriate Packing Weight and SPE Cartridge Size

The amount of sorbent and the size of the SPE cartridge is generally dependent on your sample: A simple approximation of how much sample can be loaded on an SPE cartridge is 5-10% of the sorbent weight.

3ml tubes are a popular size of cartridge and a good starting point for many applications. Smaller tube dimensions (1 ml) contain smaller amounts of sorbent and require less solvent for elution. This can make a more efficient separation which is useful if evaporation is required. Larger tubes can be used when larger volumes of solvent are required, for example where there is more than one extraction step.

Where compounds are difficult to retain on a column, then a larger sorbent amount can also be helpful.

Typical loading sizes

Sample size   Sorbent mass   Tube volume   Minimum Elution volume
2.5 - 10 mg   50 - 100 mg   1 ml   100 - 200 µl
25 - 100 mg   500 mg   3 ml   1 - 3 ml
25 - 100 mg   0.5 - 1 g   6 ml   2 - 6 ml
100 - 200 mg   2 g   12 ml   10 - 20 ml