Syringe Filter, Mini-Uniprep, PTFE, 0,20 µm, 1000/pk

Syringe Filter, Mini-Uniprep, PTFE, 0,20 µm, 1000/pk

Item number: WHGN503NPEORG
Brand: Whatman
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Set the needle height of the autosampler to at least 5 mm from the bottom of the Mini-UniPrep G2.

  • Easy-to-use design supports sample preparation outside of the lab, if required
  • Processing samples in one-third of the time required for traditional syringe filtration
  • Combines syringe, syringe filter, flask and cap in a single consumable
  • Polypropylene or glass chamber options to avoid chemical leaching.
  • Amber flakes for light-sensitive samples obtainable
  • Multi-compressors available for easy operation
  • 12 mm x 33 mm flanges can be used to filter up to 400 μL

Mini UniPrep G2 syringeless filters are designed for HPLC /UHPLC sample preparation. Mini UniPrep G2 filters are designed to be loaded directly into autosampler, which holds 12mm x 32mm glass vials.

Mini UniPrep G2 consists of an integral borosilicate glass autosampler vial, piston with attached filter membrane and divider /cap. Mini-UniPrep G2 provides a quick and easy way to remove particles from samples prepared for ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) /high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis. With the Mini-UniPrep G2 you can prepare samples three times faster than with the syringe filter method. Due to the design of this next generation product, the filtered sample is stored in an integrated borosilicate glass vial, minimizing the risk of the sample being contaminated by leachables.
Available in various membranes, slit septum and amber (for photosensitive samples). The Mini-UniPrep G2 glass chamber can hold up to 0.5 ml unfiltered sample. The integrated borosilicate glass vial in the flask can hold up to 0.33 ml of the filtered sample. The piston contains a filtration membrane at one end and a pre-assembled cap /septum at the other end. The piston is forced through the sample in the outer chamber and a positive pressure forces the filtrate into the glass vial contained in the piston. Air escapes through the vent until the lock engages and provides an airtight seal.

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More Information

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Brand Whatman
Diameter 12 mm
Filters pore size 0,2 μm
Material Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)
Sterile no
Type Syringe Filter

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