syringe filter, MUP G2 MULTI COMP PUR/WH 1/pk

syringe filter, MUP G2 MULTI COMP PUR/WH 1/pk

Item number: WHMUPG2MCPWC8
Brand: Whatman
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Mini-UniPrep G2 Multi-Compressor stand that will compress up to 8 MUP-G2 filter units at one time 1/pk Mini-UniPrep G2 Multi-Compressor Mini-UniPrep G2 Multi-Compressor is for use with Mini-UniPrep G2 Syringeless filters. Mini-UniPrep G2 Multi-Compressor includes one Mini-UniPrep G2 Multi-Compressor Accessory Tray for filtering up to 8 Mini-UniPrep G2 filter vials at one time, speeding up the sample prep process. Mini-UniPrep G2 Syringeless Filters provide a fast and easy way to remove particulates from samples being prepared for Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC)/High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis. Mini-UniPrep G2 lets you prepare samples faster than the normal syringe filter method. It replaces syringe filter, syringe, HPLC vial, cap & septum with a single device. Due to the glass design of the Mini-UniPrep G2, the filtered sample is stored within an integral borosilicate glass vial, minimizing the risk of leachables contaminating the sample. Mini-UniPrep G2 Syringeless Filters Standardizing UHPLC/HPLC sample preparation with Mini-UniPrep G2 ensures that each and every sample is filtered prior to analysis and hence minimizes instrument downtime due to unfiltered samples. The time and money saved from cutting multiple consumables out of the sample preparation process will provide immediate benefits for your laboratory.

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Brand Whatman
Sterile no
Type Syringe Filter

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