Vacuum-desiccator/PP with 250-mm

Vacuum-desiccator/PP with 250-mm

Item number: NL53100250
Brand: Nalgene Thermo Scientific
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Transparent PC cover and PP base will not shatter or implode at full vacuum when used according to instructions packed with product. Desiccator body is impervious to all solid desiccants, including acids (DO NOT use concentrated acids as desiccants.) and alkalies. Cat. No. 5310 comes with PTFE stopcock which may be used with 1/4-inch I.D. vacuum tubing. Convenient vacuum connection on body makes cover easy to handle. Straight-bore design eliminates stopcock leakage. No gasket necessary, no need to draw a vacuum to make cover airtight - only grease is needed. Recessed rim on cover keeps grease off bench-top when cover is set down. Desiccator takes any standard 230-mm desiccator plate such as Cat. No. 5312-0230. Cat. No. 5310 is not autoclavable - designed for room-temperature use only. Transparent

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Brand Nalgene Thermo Scientific