Filter funnel 1000 ml, pore size 0.2 µm membrane 90 mm, 12 pc/PAK

Filter funnel 1000 ml, pore size 0.2 µm membrane 90 mm, 12 pc/PAK

Item number: NL5670020
Brand: Nalgene Thermo Scientific
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Increase sample protection and filtration efficiency with Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rapid-Flow disposable filtration devices with PES membrane.
These devices are equipped with the exclusive Rapid-Flow membrane support system, which enables fast flow rates and a high total throughput.
The optimal protection against cell culture contamination
The polyether sulfone (PES) membranes with low protein binding and low extractable substances are optimally suited for the sterile filtration of cell culture media, sera, additives and buffers.
The filter upper part can be unscrewed from the filtrate bottle to facilitate access to the filtrate.
Leakproof screw cap (except for the 115 ml size) prevents changes in the pH value in the filtrate bottle and thus ensures a longer shelf life of the stored medium.
The pore size, membrane type, catalog number, batch number and expiry date are clearly marked on the filter units (except for the 115 ml size).
The non-padded membrane support minimizes the foaming of samples containing protein.
Pyrogen-free and non-cytotoxic Gamma sterilized and individually packed for a sterile storage of 5 years.

The asymmetrical PES membrane and the unique Rapid-Flow membrane support system enable fast flow rates and a large total throughput for increased filtration efficiency. 0.2 µm devices protect against bacterial contamination. 0.1 µm devices also offer protection against mycoplasma contamination 115 ml sizes
Special construction with inseparable top part from the filtrate bottle
Not recommended for the storage of media after filtration. Use Rapid Flow products for media storage.

Scope of delivery: polystyrene lid, graduated upper container and filtrate bottle (except for the 115 ml size), integrated membrane filter, side cellulose plug, quick connection hose adapter.

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Brand Nalgene Thermo Scientific
Volume / Package size 1 L