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Photometric and Wavelength Accuracy Reference Materials Kit

Item number: PEB0507805 Brand: PerkinElmer
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The Photometric and Wavelength Accuracy Reference Materials kit includes a set of reference standards used to verify the ordinate and abscissa accuracy of the LAMBDA spectrometers. The neutral density glass filters included in this kit are A2LA ISO 17025 accredited.

The solutions in this secondary standards kit are shipped in a re-usable UV-protective storage container and come with Certificates of Calibration. This kit includes four glass filters mounted in precision aluminum spring mounts. The cells are designed for use with standard 10 mm cuvette holders. Three of the filters are neutral density glass filters for checking spectrometer ordinate accuracy. The fourth filter, holmium oxide, is for checking spectrum wavelength accuracy. These materials require periodic recertification. PerkinElmer offers recertification services (N1010539).

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Brand PerkinElmer
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