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Secondary Standard Set Stray Light (UV Standard)

Item number: PEB2500099 Brand: PerkinElmer
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The Stray Light Solutions Reference Materials kit consists of four solutions (one reference and three test) in sealed cells designed for use in standard 10 mm cuvette holders. These solutions verify stray light calibrations for all LAMBDA spectrometers.

The solutions in this secondary standards kit include: Water - reference solution Sodium Iodide - test solution Sodium Nitrate - test solution Potassium Chloride - test solution The solutions ship in a re-usable UV-protective storage container and come with a Certificate of Calibration. These materials require periodic recertification. PerkinElmer offers recertification services (N1010539).

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Brand PerkinElmer
GHS classification Warning
Hazard Statements H302
Hazard Symbols GHS07
precautionary statements P264, P270, P301, P312, P330, P501a