HPLC Columns

Quality HPLC columns are essential for optimal resolution in laboratory analysis. Analytics-Shop offers a wide range of more than 140,000 HPLC columns from well-known brands and manufacturers including our own, cost-effective Altmann Analytik HPLC columns.

Select the right type of HPLC column from a variety of bonded phases according to your analytical parameters and requirements:

Material: Amino, C8, C18, Cyano, Diol, Phenyl, Silica etc.
Pore Size: 25 Å - 10000 Å
Partice Size: 1.5 µm - 300 µm
Manufacturer: Agilent, Grace, Chiral, Hamilton, Vici Jour etc.

With the help of our HPLC Column Configurator, compare columns from different manufactuerers and easily find the HPLC column you are looking for. For consistent chromatographic performance in regulated GLP/GMP environments, please refer to the universal USP-Code. HPLC accessories and HPLC spare parts are also available in our shop.