Test Kits

Test kits and indicator papers

In this category we offer you high-quality test instruments, indicator papers and indicator strips from various manufacturers. The majority of the products are rapid tests. They offer the advantage of a quick determination of results on site without the need for any further aids. In addition to numerous pH tests, we also offer rapid tests for the determination of water hardness and oxygen in water samples, chloride, ammonium, iron, nickel, manganese, nitrite and milk.

Macherey-Nagel offers a large selection of rapid tests, among others with its QUANTOFIX and VISOCOLOR product lines for water analysis. The QUANTOFIX test sticks are ready for immediate use (on site), deliver results in seconds, require no calibration, maintenance or accessories. The VISOCOLOR products are colorimetric and titrimetric test kits, which are visually evaluated by comparison with a color chart without additional accessories. Thus, for example, the water hardness, the concentration of chlorine, iron, phosphate etc. in water samples can be quickly determined.