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Glass embodies various properties that predestine the material for work in the laboratory. Besides its high chemical resistance, glass is dense, transparent, odourless and tasteless and due to its smooth surface, glass can be cleaned easily. Here you find a large range of high quality lab glass ware in numerous forms and variations. We offer e.g. tapered or pear-shaped measuring flasks, brown wide-neck bottles for UV-sensitive substances, erlenmeyer flasks and burettes made of extra resistant borosilicate glass by DURAN and much more glass ware for well equipped laboratories.

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Lab Glass


Lab Glass Ware made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3

DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 is recognized worldwide for its extraordinary resilience. Lab glass ware made of borosilicate glass is resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and acid mixtures, chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. Only HF-alkylation, concentrated phosphoric acid and strong alkali in combination with temperatures of more than 100 °C lead to glass corrosion. These features predestine DURAN®-glass for laboratory applications. At Analytics-Shop.com you find a wide range of lab glass ware made of borosilicate glass, e.g. bottles, flasks and test tubes as well as many more vessels and accessories.