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Founded in 1950 in the area of St. Gallen, Fluka® Analytical was once part of the chemicals producer Sigma-Aldrich and offers users a wide range of organics and inorganics. Since 1989 the Swiss chemicals manufacturer has belonged to Sigma-Aldrich. At the end of 2015, however, the American company Honeywell took over the product line Fluka Solvents and Inorganic Chemicals. The products are still manufactured at Seelze's production site, so you will not be affected by changes in quality or delivery through Analytics-Shop.com.


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Fluka Chemicals for chromatography and spectroscopy

The Fluka® Analytical brand provides chemicals and products for analysis by means of chromatography and spectroscopy. Areas where Fluka chemicals or products are used include analytical reagents or standards for chromatography, gas chromatography, or chiral chromatography. In our offer you will find more than 3200 products of the brand Fluka, including for example high-purity reagents of the TraceSELECT series or TraceCERT control standards.

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