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Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One is an internationally active medical technology company with its headquarters in Austria. With their broad knowhow regarding the development of products for clinical diagnostics, the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry as well as biotechnology, Greiner Bio-One produces innovative, efficient and high quality products and meets their customers’ requirements. The Analytics-Shop offers products from the BioScience division, which is among others the leading supplier of speciality products for the analysis of cell cultures and microplates.

Greiner Bio-One
Greiner Bio-One

Main Categories

Cell culture products and microplates

With the CELLSTAR® product line, Greiner Bio-One offers a wide range of cell culture bottles, dishes and plates with a functional design, special material properties and special coatings.

Furthermore, the company is among the leading suppliers of microplates with one of the world’s largest product ranges. Greiner Bio-One has been producing synthetic microplates which are used in laboratories worldwide for diagnostics and research and is one of the innovation drivers in this sector.

Microbiology and bacteriology

This category includes bowls, swabs and annihilation bags. Because of their heavy construction Greiner Bio-One Petri dishes are distinguished by their high quality and temperature resistance. Due to the production from clear polystyrene optimal microscoping is guaranteed.

Tubes and multi-purpose vessels

Greiner Bio-One produces high quality tubes and multi-purpose vessels and offers the possibility to obtain suited clasps in the form of grip plugs and screw caps. The tubes are basically made of polystyrene (high transparency), polypropylene (high thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance) and polyethylene (high thermal and chemical resistance) and are produced in different variants.

Liquid handling

This category includes serological pipettes, pasteur and serum pipettes as well as pipette tips. Pipette tips play an important role in daily laboratory work, and quality is of great importance. Greiner Bio-One pipette tips are made of high-quality polypropylene and ensure optimal functionality and perfect fit. The pipette tips from the Saphire product family are transparent, graduated and enable accurate and convenient pipetting due to their optimal fit.

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