Sample Bottles and Caps

Guaranteed performance and consistency are of central importance in all areas of analytical chemistry, but especially in chromatography and spectroscopy. In order to fulfil these requirements, sample preparation must be adapted to the individual test conditions. A key component of this is the appropriate choice of sample vials for the storage and transport of chemical substances.
The following overview provides a detailed classification of different sample types and suitable sample vials. The types of vials presented can be found at all common manufacturers. Examples include Agilent, Waters and Restek. A distinction must also be made between GC and HPLC vials with flat, round or conical bottoms. The neck of the vial is also variable. Common variants are vials with a headspace rim or DIN rolled rim as well as threaded and short threaded vials.

Sample type Recommended sample bottle types
Routine samples SureStop clear glass bottles (with or without patch) with screw cap (9 mm) or as crimp bottle (11 mm)
Light-sensitive samples SureStop amber glass bottles (with or without patch) with screw cap (9 mm) or as crimp bottle (11 mm)
Low volume samples Micro-inserts or microsampling/high recovery sample bottles with inserts or reduced holding volume
Samples in trace range Silanised glass and/or certified kits
Ultra Trace MS analyses MSCERT kits: Chromatography sample bottles for small particles and low interferences; guaranteed consistency thanks to intensive pre-cleaning; tested and certified for up to 15 critical physical characteristics that affect the performance of the sample bottle when used in mass spectroscopy