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Spectroscopy is a group of methods by which light can be subdivided into its individual energies. These include, in particular, atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), UV / VIS spectroscopy, as well as inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and fluorescence spectroscopy. The products are available from numerous well-known manufacturers such as Agilent, Thermo Fisher, Varian et. The analytics-shop is specialized in spare parts (e.g. deuterium lamps and hoses) and consumables (e.g. cuvettes for AAS and cuvettes for fluorescence spectroscopy) of spectroscopy.


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Our web-shop offers an extensive line of spectroscopy related products, and especially supplies for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, such as graphite tubes and deuterium lamps. We stock replacement lamps from the most important manufacturers including Agilent, Merck, and Varian as well as graphite tubes and ICP supplies. Take advantage of our large selection of spectroscopy consumables and optical cells, including cuvettes for spectroscopy or top-of-the-line quartz cells for absorption spectroscopy.