Information about Chemicals

Please note that we sell chemicals only within Germany and Austria and do not deliver to private customers. Orders are generally only considered if the customer is a reseller, professional users or public research, testing or educational institution. Please understand that we ask for the appropriate legitimation. Here you can download the respective declaration ("EVE", German language).

Safety Data Sheets and any additional instructions for proper use and disposal are available on request or can be downloaded here:

- Merck Millipore: Safety Data Sheets Merck Millipore; Certificates of Analysis Merck Millipore

- Sigma Aldrich: Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis

- J.T. Baker: Safety Data Sheets; Certificates of Analysis

- AppliChem: Safety Data Sheets

- Bernd Kraft: Safety Data Sheets; Certificates of Analysis on request

- Staub & Co. Silbermann: Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis on request

Our company is authorized by notification to sell toxic and very toxic chemicals. We keep a dispensing documentation according to the legal requirements. We offer only substances and mixtures or preparations that are allowed to be traded according to the European law on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). We demand proof of this from our suppliers.

Only employees with confirmed expertise or documented instruction are authorized to supply you with very toxic, toxic or hazardous substances and will be happy to advise you. These are in our company:

  • Susanne Stegmeir (Confirmed expertise)
  • Claudia Himmelsbach (Documented policy)
  • Christine Hofmann (Documented policy)