ES Industries HPLC Columns

ES Industries has been focusing on the production of highly efficient premium quality HPLC and SFC columns as well as precolumns for over 40 years. The US-American manufacturer, that has been part of PerkinElmer since 2021, offers a wide range of chemistries from reverse phase C1 to C18, HILIC, normal phase, a‐chiral and chiral SFC phases and specialty phases. Their packing technique allows them to pack the columns across a wide variety of internal diameters from 0.5 mm to 4 inch and in lengths from 10 mm to 500 mm. Their most famous brands are Epic, GreenSep, Chromegapore™, Chromegasorb™ and Chromegabond®. Chiral chromatography in the forms of HPLC and SFC has become a necessary tool in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Therefore ES Industries has developed their own brand - ChromegaChiral - with various chiral stationary phases. At Analytics-Shop you may choose from more than 7,500 ES Industries columns and precolumns.

If you have any questions on how to choose the right column for your separation problem, feel free to contact us or use our very own HPLC Column Configurator.

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Product Image of HPLC Column Chromegabond Amino Hexadecyl 5µm 100Å 250 x 4.0mm
HPLC Column Chromegabond Amino Hexadecyl 5µm 100Å 250 x 4.0mm
Item number: ES154221-A/HX
Brand: ES Industries

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