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Altmann Analytik

Altmann Analytik has its head office in Munich and is the operator of analytics-shop.com. The shop does not only provide a huge variety of all kinds of laboratory equipment by numerous manufacturers but also offers high quality products of its home brand Altmann Analytik. Besides the products offered in the online shop Altmann Analytik delivers all kinds of lab supplies and consumables for industrial analytics on demand. Please have a look at our catalogue listed below.

Altmann Analytik
Altmann Analytik

Top Products of Altmann Analytik

Altmann Analytik
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Altmann Analytik
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Altmann Analytik
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Altmann Analytik HPLC Columns

Altmann Analytik provides HPLC columns with nearly all available packing materials of high quality under its own label. You may find it helpful to use our HPLC Column configurator to find materials of µBondapak, Bakerbond, Eurospher, Hamilton, Hypersil, Superspher, Zorbax and many others.

Altmann Analytik HPLC Supplies

Besides HPLC columns we also offer numerous lab supplies (e.g Altmann sample flasks, Altmann Caps, Altmann lamps for spectroscopy etc.) of our own brand. These HPLC columns are characterized by excellent quality and an outstanding price / performance ratio.

Altmann Analytik offers:

  • Storage Facilities for HPLC columns
  • Pliers and crimping pliers
  • Sample bottles
  • Closures
  • Lamps and deuterium lamps
  • Injection primers for HPLC
  • Sample bottles, Closures and Bottle Closure Sets

Almann Analytik offers laboratories high-quality sample bottles, closures and bottle closure sets from its own brand. These are characterized by high-quality standards and appealing prices. The bottles and closures are for preferred application with instruments from well-known manufacturers such as VWR (Merck)/Hitachi, Beckman, CTC, Gilson, Knauer, Shimadzu, Spark, Varian and more. In case of questions regarding the application on third-party services, please feel free to contact our staff for professional advice.  

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